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20th January 2012

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Police Violence at UC-Riverside, Regents Meeting, January 19, 2012

"Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!"

IN this video, you can plainly see the police initiating contact with protesters who are not advancing in any way, who are struck with police violence, and who then bring in a barricade to put between themselves and the police aggressors. The protesters also sit down to show they are peaceful and are not advancing or threatening the University police force - who is bolstered by the Sheriffs. Obviously, the Sheriffs thought the Unipolice were overmatched and stepped up, but were repelled by the arrogant uni cops - who then showed how they had control… with indiscriminate violence…

The amateur, unprofessional, aggressive, violent University police unleashed a hail of rubber bullets into the crowd, hitting students and inciting panic and outrage which only escalated the confrontation and served no tactical purpose… students weren’t advance and so weren’t rebuffed, there was no dispersal order, and the police acted unilaterally with violence against the students of UC-Riverside…

This is a fucking shame…

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